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LED Counter Top
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LED Counter Top

Changes Color

Remote Control

Wall Plug Included

Wall Plug Included

LED Light Up Bar and Counter Tops (priced by the foot)

Price: $199.00
Warranty: 2 Years, Replacement Parts
Ships Via: FREIGHT

Estimated Ship Date 12/24

Delivered Between 12/29 & 01/03

LED Counter Top

LED Light Up Bar and Counter Tops (priced by the foot)

Banquet Tables Pro® LED light up counter tops are great for restaurants, nightclubs, event venues & more!

Construction: 3/4" Bottom Plywood with acrylic surface and edges.

Call with the specs of the countertops you need. We can do standard single tops, or U-shaped full bar tops.

Before manufacturing your countertop, we will go over the details with you.

We will need to know where you would like the power coming out of the countertop. Bottom or Back edge.

Also, it is best to know how you would like to mount it and what you will be placing it on top of.

Features & Specs

  • Custom Sizes & Shapes Available
  • Available Custom sizes and Widths (Common widths, 18", 20" and 24" )
  • Priced by the Foot Long
  • 3/4" Plywood Substrate for Mounting from Underneath
  • RGB Color Changing Integrated LED Lighting
  • Custom Shapes Available