ABS Folding Tables vs Blow Molded Tables

So you have decided on plastic folding tables for your hotel, restaurant, church, or another establishment. Now you don't know what type of table you should buy. There are 2 types of plastic folding tables we carry. Blow molded, and ABS plastic tables. What is the difference between ABS plastic tables and blow molded tables? The major difference in the two types of tables is the inside of the table. Blow molded tables are partly hollow. Our ABS series plastic tables are filled with honeycomb. Blow molded tables also do not have a bumper edge on them either. Our ABS plastic tables incorporate a rubberized edge. ABS tables and blow-molded tables are very close in weight. Either choice will be much lighter than plywood folding tables.


Illustrations of Blow Molded vs ABS Series Tables
Honeycomb Core vs Blow Molded Core. As you can see in the illustrations to the right, the blow molded is partly hollow. You can also see the rubberized edge on the ABS plastic table, and the blow molded table has a self-edge. Honeycomb Core Blown-Diagram
The illustrations to the right highlight the blow molded is not completely hollow. This is intended to muffle the sound, and to strengthen it. Click pictures to view larger. ABS-bottom  blownbottom

Is the surface smooth?

The surface on both of them are "grainy" and not the best for writing on. The picture to the right is a high definition picture taken from 3 inches away. Our laminate top folding tables will have the most smooth surface.

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