60 Inch Round Tables

60" (5 Ft) is the most common round banquet table size. 60" diameter tables seat 8 people comfortably.

Shop our selection of wood, plastic,  & laminate top 60 inch round tables.


60 Diameter Round Heavy Duty Plastic Folding Table


Options: Color

60 Inch Round Fold in Half Plastic Table


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60 Inch Round Plastic Folding Table


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Laminate Colors Available

60 Inch Round Square Leg Folding Banquet Table w/ Laminate Top


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60 Round Plywood Banquet Table


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60 Inch Round Plywood Folding Table w/ Metal Edge


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Colors Available

High Pressure Laminate 60 Round Folding Table


$319.13 - $335.93
Options: Frame Color,Edge Color,Color
Colors Available

60 Diameter Folding Table Laminate Top on 3/4 Plywood


$478.71 - $503.90
Options: Color
Colors Available

60 Inch Round Cafe and Breakroom Table


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Colors Available

60 Inch Round Folding Table Laminate on 3/4 Plywood


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60 Inch Folding Round Table w/ Melamine Top


$244.42 - $257.28
Options: Color,Frame Color,Edge Color
Colors Available

Laminate Top 60 Inch Round Folding Table by Midwest Folding Products


Options: Color,Edge Color,Frame Color

60 Inch Round Banquet Tables

How do you measure the diameter?

The diameter is from 1 side to the other far side. (Straight across).

Diameter Measurement Illustration

What is the diameter of a 60 inch round table?

60 Inches

Round tables are always measured & advertised in diameter.

How many chairs fit around a 60 inch round table?

Standard seating at a 60 inch round table is 8 people, which allows for 23.5" in width per chair. (around the perimeter).

Can you seat 10 at a 60 inch round table?

Some people say you can fit 10 chairs at a 60 inch round table, which allows 18.8" in width for the chair. A chair might fit in 18.8" of space. The average person is wider than 18.8", so more than 8 people at a 60 inch is NOT the best practice.

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