Replacement Parts for Highboy Cocktail Tables

Absolutely! We sell replacement parts for knockdown highboy tables.

Not all highboy cocktail table parts interchange with each other.

There are 2 standard types (by pole diameter) that we stock.

We stock both 1.5" and 1.75" (pole diameter) base sets/parts.

In order to match the exact part that fits your base, we will need to know.

1) What's the pole diameter of your bases? You can measure the pole, or the opening in the base.

2) Do your poles have "notches" on the ends? If you are missing your poles, does your coupler have a "male" notch?

3) The part & size needed.

4) Is there a manufacturer name on the bottom of the table top?

Use the pictures below to identify the part & size you need.

Poles are either 1.5", or 1.75" diameter. Notched, or Tapered

27 1/8" , 39 1/8", and adjustable height poles available.


Glides (called "feet" by many customers) are available in 2 versions.

Both are metal.


Couplers (often called a "flange") for "notched" or tapered poles.

The picture below shows one with a male "notch". If you are missing poles, you can look at the coupler to determine the type you need.

notched coupler

X Style Bases 24" diagonal, or 28" diagonal.

x base measurement

Trumpet ("disc") Style Bases Color & Size

trumpet base
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