Reak Teak vs. Synthetic Resin Teak Furniture

What's the difference between real teak wood & synthetic resin teak furniture?

Now we offer 2 forms of teak furniture for your outdoor dining area,  resin & real wood.

What is "resin"?

In very simple terms, it is "like" plastic.

The Look

Resin teak has the same color & "grain" as real teak wood.

The synthetic teak tables also come standard with a metal edge.

The Feel

Resin teak does not feel exactly like wood. It is often smoother than real teak wood.

Which is heavier?

Resin is heavier by approximately 15-20%. This is due to the "density" of the resin.

There are pros & cons to resin weighing more. Obviously, the con is "it's heavier".  Due to the density it is stronger than traditional wood.

Teak Wood vs. Resin/Synthetic Teak Maintenance

Real teak wood will "patina" with time. This means it will lose it's "golden" look. This can be avoided by using "teak oil", every six months or so.

What if my teak furniture is already "gray patina", and I would like to bring back the natural color?

This can be accomplished by lightly sanding the wood.

Synthetic resin teak will not fade with time. Just like all outdoor plastic furniture, it will buildup hard water film & mildew on it. This can be removed quite easily. You can pressure wash the furniture.

Another option for cleaning resin furniture, is to spray it with a degreaser, or mildew remover then wipe it down.

Teak Resin Square Table
Teak Resin Square Table
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