Buffet Table Arrangements & Diagrams

On this page you will find many examples of how to put together tables for a buffet table. You will find double sided buffet layouts, and single sided. Whether you are hosting a small group, or a wedding for 800 people, you should find a layout for you.Looking for Banquet Layouts? Click Here.

H Shaped Buffet  (Center Room)

This H shaped buffet design uses 12 60"ID serpentine tables, 2 6 foot tables, and 2 4 foot tables. The layout is 20 feet wide x 25 feet long. Please leave 30" on each side for a walkway. These are for large receptions.

Figure 8 Buffet Setup (Center Room)

Design a figure 8 shaped buffet with 8 60" ID serpentine tables. This design is 32.5 feet x 10 feet. You may place a small table inside the open areas of the figure 8 for decorations etc.


The Super Center Room Buffet

The super buffet setup to the right is great for very large weddings, and buffet receptions. It can be used as a double sided buffet, or "round trip". It uses 8 60"ID serpentine tables, and 4 8 foot tables.

Super Buffet
1 Sided Buffet (by The Wall)

The buffet illustration to the right can be used parallel to a wall. It uses 2 serpentine tables, and 2 8 foot tables. You can place the buffet 24" from the wall to leave an aisle for food replenishing. The hollow part of the circle can be used as a carving station and the like.

Double Sided
This layout uses 4 serpentine tables, and 2 eight foot tables. You can substitute the 4 serpentine tables for 2 half rounds.
T Shaped Buffet 
The T shaped buffet is very simple. Its 4 rectangular tables in the shape of a "T". These can be used in the center of the room, and have 4 entry points
T Shaped Buffet
X Shaped Buffet
The diagram to the right creates an X shaped buffet. You can use any size rectangular table you like as long as they are the same size.
X Shaped Buffet
Simple & Easy
The straight line buffet to the right will save the most space. It's just 2 rectangular tables.
Straight Line Buffet
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