How To Make a Round Banquet Table for MORE than 10 People

Often wedding & banquet coordinators need a round table that can seat more than 10 people. This can be achieved by using serpentine tables. The illustrations below will show you how to make a round table for 12, 14, or 16 people. All of the illustrations use 4 serpentine tables in a circle. You want to place a round table inside the "hollow" part of the circle. This will keep the linens from falling. When estimating space needed for these setups, don't forget you need to leave 36" extra for each table. This will cover the space the chair takes up on each side (18" each).

12 Person Round Table (8 Foot Diameter)
This 12-13 person round table uses small serpentine tables. The serpentine size is 3'ID x 8'OD. It utilizes a 36" round table in the . 11' Total width.
12 Top Round Table
14 Person Round Table (108" Diameter)
This 14 person table has 4 medium serpentine tables. Serpentine size 4'ID x 9'OD. It uses as 4 foot diameter round in the . 12' total width.
 14 top Round Table
16 Person Round Table (10' Diameter)
This design will seat 16 people. It uses 4 60" ID serpentine tables, and 1 60" diameter round table in the . 13' total width.
16 top round table
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