How Much Space is Needed Between Tables?

How much space do you need between tables? Illustrations on suggested minimum spacing between tables for banquet and restaurant table layouts.

Table Spacing FAQS

Minimum Space Between Rows of Rectangle Tables

The picture to the right illustrates the minimum spacing needed for rows of tables when a service aisle is not needed. 52" from table to table. 18" is allowed for each chair, and 16" is the minimum in between chairs.

Rows No Isle

Spacing Rectangle Tables Incorporating a Service Aisle

For the rows you would like to incorporate a service aisle, the space needed in between rows is 66". This is 2 x 18" for the chairs, and 30" for the service aisle. The picture to the right illustrates this.

 With Service Isle

Diagonal Restaurant Layout with Square Tables

For diagonal style square restaurant table setup, you should leave a minimum of 24" in between corners of the tables. The picture to the right illustrates this.

Diagonal Spacing no Isle

Space Between the Wall

You should allow a minimum of 48" between the wall, and the tables along the wall. 18" from the table to the back of the seat, and 30" from the back of the seat to the wall.

Between Wall Diagram


Space Between Large Round Tables

For banquet style setup using large round tables you should leave a space of 60" minimum. This is 2 x 18" for the seats, and 24" room in between the chairs. The picture to the right illustrates this.

 Round Spacing

Incorporating Large Rounds into Your Restaurant Layout

If you need to incorporate large round restaurant tables into your layout, its best to place them in the corner like the illustration to the right. This saves the most space.

Restaurant with large round diagram
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